Meet the Captain

I began muskie fishing nearly 45 years ago. Today, my passion for fishing has earned many accolades, as well as a reputation for an exceptionally skilled angler. I am a Lake Pewaukee native and lives with my wife Debbie who is also his best friend, with whom he shares two children: Krystina, 30, and Mike, 27.

When you plan a group or solo trip with Mike's Extreme Guide Service, you'll get the benefit of Mike's professional experience, as well as top-of-the-line equipment on a spacious Ranger 620VS Fishermen series boat. We can accommodate many special requests to ensure you have everything you need to have an enjoyable time on the water.

Mike Koepp

I have lived on Pewaukee Lake all my life. I first started musky fishing almost 45 years ago, and today I fish with a passion that grows with each new season. Let me share my knowledge, passion, and equipment with you.

The people I take out and the experiences they will encounter can last them a lifetime. No one can promise a trophy every day, but I can promise a learning experience along with an enjoyable day or night on the water!

Let 45 years experience and top of the line equipment work for you. Let me show you some of the advanced techniques and patterns that I have picked up throughout my years of fishing.

Below is an old list of each year's accomplishments I had on my old website that ended in 2016.

I have been a proud member of Muskies Inc since 2000 and started registering the muskies I caught. Since then, I placed 3rd in Men's Division 2001 and placed 1st in 2002. In 2003 I won the Masters Division, a goal I was proud to accomplish. In 2004 I won the Masters Division again along with the biggest fish caught(52 1/2-inch) in 2004 by a Milwaukee Chapter Member. My son Mike also took 1st place, and big fish(47-inch) honors for his division (Juniors) in 2004.

In 2001, my partner and I fished the Professional Muskie Tournament Trail(PMTT). In one of the four qualifiers(Three Lakes Chain), we took 4th place with a 44-inch tiger muskie. I also received the "big fish" award that day. We finished in 17th place for the year overall.

In 2003, I fished the PMTT again. The Madison tournament was a great qualifier for me. I caught three muskies which gave us a 2nd place at that qualifier. I proudly accepted "big fish" honors on Sunday for one of my muskies. My partner and I finished 11th place overall in 2003.

In 2004 my partner and I started the season in April with a 6th place finish at Cave Run Lake in Kentucky. We caught two muskies in the first hour, released five other "shorties" and caught 15 bass during PMTT tournament hours. One of the bass was a fat 23-inch Smallmouth.

We did lose a really big fish that would have put us in 1st place, but that's fishing. The rest of the season was full of accomplishments both in tournaments and while guiding. I boated and released my largest Pewaukee Lake muskie a 52 1/2 incher and had a client(Perry) release a 53 incher just over a week later. We had plenty of multiple fish days and night in 2004; the best night was one of the four fish nights. We boated a 49.5, 44, 38 1/2, and a 38 1/4 inch muskie in 4 hours. Multiple muskie nights/days are possible during the correct conditions.

In 2005 two more 50-plus inch fish were caught by my clients. This was again a very good year for big fish and numbers. In 2005 I decided to concentrate on my guide business and spend more time with my kids, so I took a year off from the PMTT and other tournaments. Pewaukee Lake is one of the best muskie lakes in the state and ranks with the best in the world. I will be glad to prove it to you if the conditions allow it to happen. The patterns and techniques have been tested and proven over the years; time on the water is all you need to catch your trophy of a lifetime. The more you get out, the better your chance to score multiple fish or your trophy fish. All fish are released, so all are still swimming in Pewaukee Lake waiting for you. Replicas were made, and the mounts will last forever, the fish will just keep growing and being released. How cool is that, let them go, let them grow, and on the wall to for all to see. The 2005 Masters Division and Juniors was again won by my son and me in the Milwaukee Chapter of Muskie Inc. I am so proud of my son. In 2006 and lots of fish were caught and released from my boat(138 muskies). The 2006 Muskies Inc Milwaukee Chapter Masters Division was again be won by me with 84 muskies and my son Mikey got his third straight juniors division 1st place award.

The 139 muskies caught this past 2007 season were special because most of them were clients and friends. Breaking the 50-inch mark is always one of my seasonal goals each season, and in July, I managed to catch a fish over 50-inches that weighed well over 30lbs and my boat partner Randy got a 30lber that same day with me. Lots of personal bests and first timers this past season also made it very a memorable season. Winning the Masters Division again and my son winning the Juniors division also was very rewarding this past 2007 season.

2008 was again a great year for my clients, friends, and family. One hundred seventy-eight muskies were caught and released this past season with some unbelievable days on the water. Three days this past season, I had ten or more muskies in one day, the most were 13 muskies caught in ten hours on the water. My son and I won the Muskies Inc divisions again in 2008. I released 82 muskies while working a full-time job and a busy guide schedule. Ninety-six muskies were released by clients and friends this past season. I was looking forward to more muskies in 2009, hopefully, even break the 200 muskies mark.

2009 is now past and looking back I have lots of great stories and goals accomplished in 2009. I can only hope 2010 is just as good. Can it get any better? My guess is it will because of a few more patterns I established last season. I am looking forward to getting my clients on these new patterns in 2010 and working the multiple proven patterns I have used for years with great success. 2009 was a record year for me personally also. I was just a few fish short of breaking a 100 fish myself. My clients and friends caught a record number of muskies from my boat also this past season. Getting 1st place in the Masters Division again in 2009 is also something I am proud of. It's not easy to catch enough fish to win every year with all the guide jobs I do and the competition I have in that division.

2010 was as good as I thought it was going to be!!! A new record number of muskies and quality walleyes were caught by my myself, clients, family and friends. Over 200 muskies were caught and released this past year from my boat. In 2011 I expected huge numbers of fish and some hawgs to be caught out of my boat because I will have more time on the water due to a temporary layoff at my regular full-time job of over 26 years. The 2010 season was the first year I personally caught and released over 100 muskies myself. I again took 1st place in the Masters Division for the Milwaukee Chapter of Muskies Inc.

2011 was a very weird season. It started out bad for me because I had a crack in my lower unit when I pulled my boat out of storage just before the opener in southern Wisconsin. After an ordering mistake by my local marine service center, I was still waiting for my new lower unit well after the season was already opened. A cold Spring followed by an extremely hot summer July and August had me off the water again due to high water temperatures. All in all the numbers of fish caught in my boat was just down a little bit considering all the time I was off the water in 2011. Looking back at my records, I see some great trips with multiple muskies caught. The average size this season was 37 inches to 38 inches. The walleyes we caught were also getting big. A few in the upper 20's were caught and released to keep growing. I believe my fish totals this 2011 season will again put me in 1st place in the master's division Milwaukee chapter of Muskies Inc.

2012 gave us the first year I can ever remember cutting my grass in March. Just a crazy early Spring that got the season off to a fast and great start from the opener in May all the way till the water got too hot to fish. July gave us 85-degree water temps by the second week of the month and never let up until August. This was a very hard time to stop fishing and cancel guide jobs because the fish were very active and easy to catch. August 2nd, I scheduled my surgery to repair my multiple level disc situations I suffered from an accident on December 5th, 2011. By the time my doctor released me to get back to work, it was mid-September, and the fishing was great. Casting and trolling produced multiple fish almost every trip. By the end of the season, I was able to get some clients out but nowhere near what I had planned. The accident gave me some physical issues I had to deal with until surgery was the only option. I am truly sorry for the clients that I had to cancel due to high water temps and my surgery. Winning the Masters Division was one high light of the 2012 season. I am looking forward to 2013 and getting back on the water!!!

2013 season started off with a very cold and wet Spring. The spawning process was off and on throughout the month of May for all the game fish. What a difference from last years early warm up and month of May. 2013 started off slow but after I got on Mercury's Pro Team and received my new 225 PRO XS things started to fall into place. June started the great fishing, and it just got better and better all season. By July we were catching 5 to 8 muskies a day and into the night. My clients were extremely happy all season with the trolling and casting bite. 2013 was one of those years where the water temps stayed in the sweet range of 75 to 80 degrees most of the summer. Fall was very good with lots of bigger fish working deeper weeds and breaks. All in all the 2013 season was extremely good for my clients and me even with the lasting limitations I have from the neck surgery. Just over 160 muskies this season was my total, but that's not bad for just under five months of fishing. I can't wait to do this full time after I retire from my regular job very soon. Winning the 2013 Master Division of our Milwaukee Chapter of Muskies Inc was again something I was proud of achieving with limited time on the water.

2014 season was another good season for my clients, friends, and family. Due to an accident back in 2011 and my injuries and surgery, I was asked to stop updating my website due to a lingering lawsuit. My fishing reports and pictures were stopped in May after my attorneys repeated requests. He considered it help for the defense attorneys and the insurance company. So I can say in a few words that the 2014 season was very good for quality and quantity. My biggest muskie was a deep water 51.25 x 24-inch beast caught in July. I also won the 2014 Master Division again with the most muskies in our Milwaukee Masters Division. I can say now that the 2015 season will be one I am looking forward to and settling the lawsuit so I can get back to normal life and promote my guide service and website like I have been for the last 12 years.

2015 was very busy with my family and me. Getting my house ready to sell in March and April took way more time than expected. Due to the lingering law suit, I again didn't keep my website updated. I got the property we wanted and sold my house in July. Since I only moved a mile, it was easy to move but took a lot of days to get everything moved out and into our new home. Guiding and fishing were second to getting this life change in order. Now that everything is settled with the attorneys and our new home, I will be back on the water more than ever before. Look for 2016 to be a huge year for Mike's Extreme Guide Service. I plan to be on the water from May till November hardcore.

Fishing the (PMTT)Professional Muskie Tournament Trail, (WMT)Wisconsin Muskie Tour, (IMTT)Iron Man Tournament Trail and lots of other local tournaments through the years has allowed me to learn numerous fishing techniques that I can apply to everyday fishing. I would be glad to share this with you. If you want to learn Pewaukee Lake and its ever-changing patterns, give me a call, and I will be glad to teach you how to put more fish in your boat. Learn the tips and tricks that make a difference on pressured waters. The little things that you learn can make a difference. A follow, into a strike; a good day on the water, to a great day on the water. Are you looking for an enjoyable day or night on the water with the top of the line equipment? I can make that happen for you. Whatever kind of fish you are after I can make your trip one to remember. I also will be glad to mark up your maps with all the best spots for you to use when you come back to fish in your boat.

I guide for Muskies and Walleyes from May through December on the open water. Walleyes and Northern from December through February on the ice.

I also can put you on action fish like bluegill's, crappie's, bass, and perch. So if you just want to catch lots of fish and have fun with family or friends, all you have to do is contact me. Call or e-mail me, and I will let you know what is the hottest action on the lake and how you can get in on some of the fun. Some of the hottest action is mid-May to early June for active fish. This is the time to get your kids out and watch them have a great time catching fish after fish. I have also watched most of the parents laugh and enjoy the action as much as the kids. The best part is you get to take home a pile of fish if you choose to keep the panfish.