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"I hired Mike when I first started Muskie fishing years ago. His knowledge of the lake, personality and ability to teach are second to none. You will find yourself fishing in the front of the boat with the best of equipment. His goals are to make sure you learn, have a great time and to take your picture holding a Muskie! Over the years I have seen him become friends with most all of his clients as they continue to share information on patterns that develop throughout the season. Hire Mike Koepp for a day or two; you will have a great time, and you will end up with a friend on the water for years to come."

Dave Olson
The Next Bite-Esox Angler Magazine
Graphic Design/Art Director

"After researching Pewaukee Lake guides, I hired Mike. I couldn't have been more pleased with my first outing with him in August of 2006. I hired him 3 more times before the season ended. Each and every time, I was impressed with his knowledge and experience not to mention his desire to teach me to be successful. Three out of those four half-day outings were multiple fish days too. Whether it is trolling or casting, my experience on outings with Mike will keep me coming back. I can't imagine going wrong hiring Mike Koepp."

Mike Phelps
Waukesha, WI

"I called Mike one morning with the following mission: Hook my son, David, on fishng, if you can. We were at Mike's launch that afternoon. By late evening, I had a bonding experience with David which pays dividends every year. Thank you Mike, and by the way, the results of that night are a giant 47 inch muskie my son caught."

Jonathan B. Levine
Law Firm of Jonathan B. Levine
Milwaukee, WI 53217

"Have you ever caught nine muskies in a day? Mike did last year. Have you ever caught three muskies at the same time? Mike Koepp did that on Opening weekend this past 2006 season with his kids. It is my opinion that Mike Koepp is the finest Muskie Guide on Pewaukee Lake. When your day is done, I guarantee you will be a far better angler. Mike's knowledge of fishing, regardless of species, is incredible. Even more incredible is the fact he wants to teach you and enjoys seeing his clients become better at catching fish!"

Greg Myse
Pewaukee, WI

"I met Mike Koepp during a MuskieFirst outing at Cave Run Lake in Kentucky. He was very helpful to me and the folks in my boat, trying to get us on fish. I was seeking my first muskie and I must have impressed Mike with my determination; he invited me to Pewaukee Lake to fish with him later that summer. My son Jon and I traveled to Pewaukee, checked in to our motel, met Mike for a quick dinner and headed for the lake. Within an hour of being on the water, Mike had me my first muskie. Now, this was after three years of trying, and he was the 21st person I'd fished with for muskie (some of them, more than once!). He also got Jon his first muskie (which was bigger than my first one, as I heard all the way home!), and got me my second one in an evening where we got 3. He went on to do well in the PMTT tournaments. His skill, dedication to the sport, and persistence makes him successful, and I have no hesitation in recommending Mike Koepp as a guide-of-choice. He has a wonderful boatside manner and keeps top of the line equipment for his clients."

Mike Moschell
Athens, Ohio

"As a musky fishing guide on Wisconsin's Pewaukee Lake, Mike has a wealth of experience, contacts, and knowledge that definitely put him into an elite group of guides that don't get nearly enough recognition. As an experienced fisherman, I've fished with a number of guides over the last 20 years. My primary reason for hiring a guide is usually to gain some knowledge about a particular body of water, the behavioral patterns of the fish I'm after, and the various techniques that have been developed for targeting those fish. With most of the guides I've hired over the years I've ordinarily had to work this education out of them since they normally want to guard their information rather jealously. Sure they will give up a few good spots and put you on some fish but they will almost always hold back some key information or their best spots in an effort to protect their business or their professional fishing careers. This seems to be the case most often with guys that operate services on highly pressured, well known bodies of water similar to Pewaukee. I'll tell you right now, this is not Mike Koepp's method of operating. From the moment we launched, Mike turned from some guy with a bunch of lures, a great boat, and some spare time into a fishing professor. Everything was totally above board. He basically opened up his playbook and showed me what we were going to do. As we idled out, he showed me the trolling patterns we were going to use for the first couple of hours and explained exactly what our fishing strategy would be.

We discussed lure selection, trolling depths, and the reasons for hitting the areas we were going to fish. He was even willing to give me GPS coordinates for the trolling passes we were gonna make. The entire time we were trolling, he was passing information intermixed with some fun fishing stories. To me, this is the mark of a truly confident fisherman and a guy that is doing everything he can to provide a memorable trip to his clientele. At the launch at the end of the evening, we probably spent another half hour BS'ing with Mike and discussing what would be a good approach for the next time I hit the water. I also was left with orders from Mike to contact him whenever I'm coming up for the latest information on where the fish were hanging out and what they are eating. How many guides would do something like that? The answer is not many. So to wrap this up, the moral of the story is that if you're gonna fish for muskies on Pewaukee, make sure that you enroll in the Mike Koepp Institute of Esox Technology at least once before you waste a bunch of time, effort, and gas money to come up empty."

Eric Mace
Chicago, IL

"Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for all the great service you provided this past summer. Every client that I took out with you had a fantastic time, from the experienced fisherman to the first timers. Your willingness to share knowledge and to make sure everything was perfect made huge impressions on my clients. I would highly recommend your service for any one looking for a great business outing opportunity! I will be looking to book up more outing this coming season with Mike's Extreme Guide Service."

Rich Powers
Sussex, WI

"I have had the great privilege of fishing with Mike over the last 2 years on Pewaukee Lake. The first time I got to fish with Mike was late fall of 2005; with his knowledge of the lake, I told myself that I was definitely getting Mike to guide me again the next year. Let's just say that last year I hired Mike 7 times to take me to Pewaukee. I got my fiance into muskie fishing last year, and thanks to Mike she is an avid muskie hunter now. Mike took the time to teach her to cast, how to figure 8, and everything that goes into fishing for the beast. The things I've taken from the trips with Mike are more than just fishing for musky. Mike has become a good friend, and is willing to teach and give you all and any advice to make you a better fisherman. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a guide. You won't come away disappointed. He will work his tail off to get you a fish whether you are a first timer or an avid fisherman. Thanks Mike, and my wife and I look forward to chasing musk again this year."

Craig Gierzak
Jefferson, Wisconsin

"My father and I went after the Pewaukee muskies with Mike in September 2007. In 8 hours we caught 5 muskies and lost 3 more which works out to a ridiculous average of one muskie per hour. They were good sized fish too, 2 of them over 40-inches. The amazing fishing was only half the fun though. Mike is just as much of a teacher as he is a guide. He fills the time between fish with a mix of fishing techniques, local lore and he is a blast to hang out with. I'm already working on scheduling another guide trip with him. Thanks for the memories Mike!"

Scott Eilers
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"Here's my message to those of you who are thinking about hiring Mike Koepp as a musky fishing guide. "DO IT!" Before going out with Mike, I went out and bought a nice fishing boat, rods and reels, countless lures and fishing equipment. I launched on Pewaukee and fished for a few weeks before I realized that with all of the time and money invested, I had no clue what I was doing. After doing some guide research, I invested in Mike Koepp's Extreme Guide Services and I'm glad I did. Within the first hour, we hooked into a nice 36-incher trolling and before the night was out, we cast and brought 2 more nice fish to the side of our boat. Mike took the time to mark up my lake map and explained how and where the fish were going to be over the next couple of months. For me, this was not about doing a once a year fishing trip, it was an education process on how to be more successful on the lake. Mike will go above and beyond to make sure that all of your questions are answered and he also doesn't mind talking to you after your fishing trip. The small investment in Mike's services will lead to more successful trips for me in the future. Thanks Mike."

Ted Zehelein
Okauchee, WI

"When my father and I won a free two day fully guided muskie trip with Mike's Extreme Guide Service, through's grand prize give a way, neither of us knew what to expect. We are lifelong fishermen but never for muskie. All of our research led us to believe that they were a fish of 1000 casts. We thought if we could each get one maybe two for the weekend it would be a great success. Mike had other plans. He was very excited about the weekend we picked and told us he was really "dialed in" to the fish and their depths in Lake Pewaukee. We had no idea how tuned in he was. He put us on fish all weekend long. We caught 17 muskie and a walleye in two days!! If I wasn't there I wouldn't believe it either. We have the pictures!! Aside from the great fishing Mike is an excellent guide and host. He tells you why you are doing what you are doing, and shares little tips of the trade along the way. He can also tell you all about the Pewaukee area. He is a true gentleman and a great representative of Pewaukee. If you are heading that way, call him. Don't settle for anything but the best. Thanks again Mike!"

Paul Z Olah

"As the season winds down and I reflect on my time spent fishing this past year I just wanted to take a minute and thank Mike for his expertise. From the first phone conversation with Mike, I knew he was "The Guide". His excitement and enthusiam got me excited about the upcoming adventure. The first time out, we put four muskies in the boat. Not only was the fishing excellent, but Mike's firsthand knowledge of the lake and his overall approach is second to none. Of course, this lead to three more outings with Mike and every time out on the lake with him elicited more great fishing. He holds nothing back and will gladly share his wealth of information with you and you truly feel you have made a friend at the end of the trip. Anyone that wants an awesome musky adventure should not hesitate to contact Mike."

Pete(and friends)
Wheaton, IL

"We had a fantastic evening fishing with Mike. It exceeded our expectations in every way. Mike ensured all members of our party (my 80-yr old dad, my 4-1/2 year old son, and me) had a phenomenal experience. We landed two muskies, 42" and 37 1/2" and more importantly gained memories for a lifetime. In addition to catching fish, Mike brings the experience to life through his willingness to share his knowledge of the musky-its habits, habitats, life cycle, how to catch them, and more. He's a super guy and I'd recommend him as a guide to anyone. I would gladly go fishing with him again."

David Youker
Sacramento CA

"Sue and I would like to thank you for being the integral part of our incredible night on the lake. Our boys, Mike, Marc, and Rick, couldn't have given us a better 35th Anniversary Gift. Gotta love our kids, what a great unique gift idea. It was an absolute pleasure having you as a guide. Your knowledge, your willingness to share that knowledge, your personality, and unselfishness as a guide, made for a very pleasurable experience. Anyone who goes out with you is getting the best. We were lucky to be a part of that."

Mike and Sue Callies
Mukwonago, WI

"Hey Mike - We just wanted to say thanks once again for a great time last evening! You were responsible for Keith and I boating our first Musky!!! Not only that, but the knowledge and instruction you gave us will absolutely make us better musky fishermen, no matter where we go. I wasn't joking last night when I said you were hands-down the best guide I've ever gone out with-and believe me, I've used many fishing guides! Thanks again Mike-you can be sure we'll be hooking up with you again!"

Scott Keller

"Mike, I want to thank you again on the "fishing lessons" last night. I have gone out with several other guides & you were the most down to earth one. Most guides have an arrogance about them. I will spread the news of your excellent guiding services."

Scott Strasser

"I called Mike one morning with the following mission: Get my son David hooked on fishing, if you can. We were at Mike's dock that afternoon for a half day guide trip. By late evening, I had a bonding experience with my son David which pays dividends every year. Thank you Mike!!! And by the way everyone, the results of that night are giant 47-inch muskie."

Jonathan B. Levine
Law Firm of Jonathan B Levine
Suite 211
8989 North Port Washington Road
Milwaukee, WI 53217

"In 2006 I moved to South Eastern WI. As a new angler to the local lakes, I spent a great deal of time trying to learn them by myself. In March of 2010, I attended Mike's seminar at the Waunakee Muskie School hosted by Madison Muskie's Inc. In one hour, I had learned a variety of seasonal patterns, precise lure selections, trolling patterns, the art of reading/interpreting the actions of other anglers, fishing adequacy, handling fish, and many other helpful tactics that I take with me to all bodies of water. By June, a friend of mine and I hired Mike to help us hone in on the Lake Pewaukee bite. By the end of the 2010 season, it was apparent that my success was a result of Mike's skillful teachings, as I placed 3rd in the Milwaukee Muskie Inc. Chapter for the Men's Division. That same season, I also took sixth place in the Ironman Musky Tournament Trail and won a prize for Big Fish during the Pewaukee tournament. In September of 2011, I hired Mike to take my Dad and I out for an evening trip. As we hit the water, east winds and periods of heavy rain mixed with light drizzle were on the horizon. Despite the less than desirable conditions, I knew I was with the right guy to make it happen. Within one hour, Mike put us onto our first fish. That was just the beginning as we landed 4 more muskies capping the evening off with a 41 incher! To say the least, Mike's Extreme Guide Service created a memory that my Father and I will share forever. Networking with Mike has undoubtedly enhanced my fishing skills.

It would be an understatement to say that Mike takes great pride and satisfaction in teaching his clients how to fish. What I really like is how he breaks things down to make them simple and understandable. A motto that I have learned to follow has stemmed from a statement that Mike made during his seminar. In quest for the elusive musky, "Remember what you have learned, but it's not a rule."(Mike Koepp) Whether your're looking to enhance your fishing skills, or just have an enjoyable outing with a personable guy, Mike is the guide to hire."

Justin Blanchar
Owners-Justin & Rob Blanchar
608-516-5339 or 608-279-0516

"Tuesday Morning July 3rd, 2012 Here is my story leading up to my Fishing with Mike this morning. My intial contact to Mike was back on June 6th. I sent him this long email explaining how Walleyes have eluded me over the years and I've never ever fished for Muskie and felt it was time to do something about that and I wanted to have an experienced guide that was reputable. I went to Google and Searched 'Pewaukee Lake Muskie Fishing' and Mike's site was on the top of the list. I cruised over the site, checking out pics from previous outtings, pics of the boat and gear, and general things about Mike and his rates. The first 4 lines on his homepage really grabbed my attention and sparked my interest even further. So we agreed on yesterday, July 3rd in the morning for the outting. So here we are, the area is under, not just a Heat Advisory, but an Excessive Heat Warning until Friday July 6th, 10pm. Sheeesh. So as the day drew closer I was Hoping and Praying for At Least Tolerable temps while we were out from 7am-noon. Well, I arrived at the launch a little earlier than initially planned, which was alright, I took photos of the spectacular Sunrise over the lake. Off to the east and north clouds were starting to come in. Interesting, as I haven't seen much of this in my area for the better part of 6 weeks, give or take. As we go out on the lake more the cloud cover was more substantial, and we were in agreement that this was a nice break from what we'd been dealing with recently as far as the weather goes. Temps out on the lake stayed in the High 70s/Low 80s most the morning. 7:41 the first catch came in as Mike was checking the lines, there was a 15" smallmout bass on the one line. So that was Catch #1. We started getting rained on around 8:10am or there abouts. Mike figured the rain and stonger breeze may have stirred up the Muskies, which seemed to work in our favor greatly. First BIG Strike came around 8:25am and I began about a 15-20min battle with what felt like a Monster to me.

Wooo!! First Big Catch of the Day!! 43" Muskie and it was a Beauty!!! At about 8:50am or so, I began another battle with Catch #2, a 41" Muskie. Another 15+ min battle. I was feelin' it too! My left arm was just aching! :) Some time passed between catches, so in that time I was getting an education on the feeding patterns of Muskie in this lake. Mike was a Fantastic Guide and I would Highly Recommend hs services because he is so extremely knowledgable and willing to share what he knows! And then we just talked sports and stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Mike that morning and I am So Extremely Greatful I picked this guy to take me out on my very first Muskie trip!! Must have been around 11am when the next strike came and this was a 26 3/4" Northern Pike! And then came the final strike for the morning around 11:20am or so. I finished the morning with a 38" Muskie!! So, not only did I get my very First ever Muskie, I was kidding around saying I would get a 45" Muskie and be up on Smokey's Blackboard when we came in, I surpassed my own expections. I got 3 Muskies on the Day at 43, 41, and 38". We had overcast conditions most the morning with highest waves at 1- 1.5' Started out calm, got a little choppier as the front moved through, got some rain, a little Thunder to the West very briefly. Then the heat & humidity kicked in as we were wrapping things up.So my Trip was Way Way Above Average and a complete Success!! I would have Mike take me out again in the future!! I would also highly recommend his services!! Mike is THE Man!! Mike, Thanks Again for an Awesome Experience!"

Mr Paul H Johnson
Lake Mills, WI

Marge's First Muskie was 45.5 Inches

Marry with Her First Muskie

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Grandpa and His Grandson

Kids Love Catching Big Muskies

Clients Granddaughter's First Muskie

Little Man with His First Muskie

Dad and Son Making Memories

Very Happy Kid with First Muskie

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